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Hello Again!

Well, it has been a long time. Hasn't it? Sorry about that. I've been very busy lately... You know how it is; two full-time jobs, mom in chemo, financial crises, and so on and so on.

No need to feel bad for me though, I'm okay and just taking everything in stride. I've come to accept that that's how life is... Sometimes you're on top of the world then the next thing you know, Bam! Face first in hitting rock bottom. Yikes!
Anyway, I may be in quite a ditch but I still have some good news... Well, even with the little time that I have, tight schedule and all, I'll be going back to crocheting amigurumis. My postings may still be erratic and not as frequent, but I'll try my best to at least have some content once a month.

Also, since I'm in quite a pinch with all the expenses for my mom, I'll be selling all the amigurumis I make. Yup! Also the previous ones I've posted. Of course there are some that I've already given away, but if you really want to own one of my sweet, sweet creations, I'm open for commissions. Although you will have to forgive me if I can't do rush jobs and prefer long deadlines. Soweee.
And the answer is "no"... I won't stop posting my patterns nor will I sell them. I'll just be selling the finished amigurumis. I know most of you will say that that's bad business strategy, but I really want to share my work. Of course I may not be posting all of them, there may be some that I'd rather keep to myself. Like you know, keep a slice then give the rest of the cake to everyone. I'm not generous, but I'm definitely not selfish. ^^

Another new thing that's going to happen is that I'll be putting watermarks on my photos. I'm usually liberal with my content and love to share with all of you nice people, but apparently there are some that are not so nice... Just today I saw someone use my photos for selling Monaco acrylic yarns in Shopee. The nerve! Seriously? You can't even get a decent photo of yarns that you're selling that you have to steal mine? She even used my color code names. Of course I called her out and she told me that its her supplier that gave her those photos. Really? I'm supposed to believe that cockamimi excuse? In the official Monaco acrylic yarn color chart it only had numbers. Plus, you're selling that product so you're supposed to know at least diddly squat about it. Didn't know it was mine... I smell BS.
By the way, don't buy Monaco acrylic yarn that's over Php 17 each, it's a totes rip-off. No decent wholesaler will sell that yarn at that price. At best that should only be Php 13-15 and much cheaper in bulk. Yes, you know who you are Ms. "I did not know it was yours and it was the suppliers' fault".
So yah... I'll be replacing all my photos with watermarked ones, not only in this blog but also on all other social media sites. If you found my photos circling around other websites without a disclaimer that credits me nor links back to my blog... Yup! That's stolen intellectual property. I'd appreciate it if you inform me and report it.

Anyway, that's all for today. I hope to be posting soon of my next cutie amigurumi. See yas!!!


Disclaimer: Some of the images/gif are not mine and can be searched online


  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your web site!

  2. Sending prayers and well wishes your way. May all of your storms pass over and your spirit filled with peace and renewal.



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