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For the past few days I've been getting comments and messages that my patterns, which I give away for free, are being sold all over Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry.

I don't know if her name is real, but the woman who's been stealing my patterns and selling it on the internet goes by the name Maria Telpuk (AKA mtelpuk). I tried to Google the name but it says she's a model/playboy bunny/porn star. If I wasn't furious I'd probably find that a tad hilarious, but unfortunately I'm a little pissed.
Seriously??? What the junk??? I pour my heart and soul in making these patterns for it to only get stolen? I'm already giving it for free and letting anyone sell the finished product as long as I get acknowledged for the pattern, linking it back to my blog. What more could anyone want? How greedy can a person get? This is ridiculous and pathetic. 

If there's anyone who should have the right to profit from these patterns, it should be me! But no, I opted to give it for free. I don't make these amigurumis to earn money, I make them just because I love doing it. I love how these soft toys make someone important to me happy... My heart just bursts whenever I see their faces light up and get all excited.
Also, this is like some sort of thank you for those that posted their patterns for free when I was just learning many years ago. If it weren't for those free patterns, I would never have been able to hone my skills and make up my own ami designs. I would've stuck to making perfect chains... Yards and yards of useless chains. Imagine that? So this is like my way of giving back... Now that I could make my own pattern (Occasionally adopting bases. Wink! Wink!), it just seems right to return the favor for other aspiring crocheters. 

Maybe someday I'd make a business out of this, but for now... I'm just happy to share.

So please! I beg of you! Do not sell my patterns... Sell the amigurumis you make out of it, you have my blessing. Just pleeeeease acknowledge me as the creator of the pattern and link it to my blog. I'm not asking much, it's just a very simple request.

If you find my patterns for sale, do not buy them... It's a scam. They're free for everyone who wants to make amigurumis. Free! Free! Freeeeeee! >o<

One last thing... I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone that notified me about my pattern being stolen and sold mercilessly. It warms my heart to know that a lot of people cared. Thank you! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!
I know I've been in hiatus for a while and not posting any new patterns. My sched is just that crazy. So hopefully I could finish my projects soon... I have a lot of amis in store.

With that said... I bid you all a good day or a goodnight, depending on wherever you are in the world. Let us all hope that this display of mediocre thievery and idiotic attempt for profit will be put to an end. 

CIAO! MES AMIS!!! -^.^-

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