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Monaco Acrylic Color Chart


  1. oh my gosh, thanks for posting this. I was having trouble ordering the right shade online

  2. Oh my gosh been looking everywhere for this but can't find any. I tried to email the Monaco asking colour chart but no response from them. Thank you so much I hope you can post the 50 color chart for acrylic too.

    1. If you frequent a yarn shop that sells Monaco yarns, you can ask them to give you their color chart. That's what I did before. Hahaha! ^^

      These are actually Monaco acrylic yarns, 53 of them. It's supposed to be 54 but I left one out since I would never in my lifetime use bright neon green. XD

      What Monaco yarn are you exactly referring to?

    2. If you can print it, it's fine. Make sure to acknowledge my blog. Thanks.



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