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When I was writing my post about the Princess Poppy pattern (Yes, that's my latest project and will be posting soon. ^^) I had a terrible time distinguishing the shades of pink. I honestly had no idea how to name them to tell them apart. Basically I was just choosing from "pink", "light pink", "dark pink", "not so pink", "what is this pink?"... It drove me crazy! I thought that was the last draw and it was time I give proper names to my Monaco yarns. They're originally identified by numbers and that was just boring, so I looked up on the internet to find names equivalent to the yarn's colors. Don't get me wrong, it was not an easy task but it was soooooo much fun. Hahaha
From now on I will not just write my Monaco yarns' numbers and then simply say, for example, "red" or "light blue" or "dark green". It'll all be done in style. Woo-hoo! So don't get alarmed if one of these days some of my posts are inaccessible, that just means I'm updating the pattern with the new and improved color chart. I shall call it "The Great Monaco Acrylic Color Chart". Dun-dun-dun!!! Okay, maybe let's scratch that "Great" part... Hehehe!

Official post on the color chart will be coming soon. It'll only be a little longer, promise. ^^

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