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Calamity Juan

Remember when I mentioned I was making a documentary last year and that was why I wasn't able to make that many amigurumis? Well, here's the fruit of my sleep-deprived, stress-inducing, and pitiful tear-jerking efforts... A documentary of the top 3 disasters that happened in the Philippines (My country) plus the potential uber, mega disaster that could wipe-out the whole populace of Manila and its surrounding provinces. Not exactly a cheery topic, is it?
Well, it might be a grim subject but it's very timely with all the unexpected and extreme flood, earthquakes, and typhoons going on around recently. We could blame climate change for all these disasters, which we should but then again who's fault is climate change? I'm not gonna be the stick-in-the-mud here and say it's all hopeless and we're all gonna die in a burning, water world 'coz we're tiny, brilliant destroyers of the earth. Wow! O_O Okay, that sounds a little too over the top. What I meant is climate change is basically our fault with all the pollution, non-biodegradable crap, and radioactive whatnots, but that doesn't mean it's too late or there's nothing we could do to reverse its dire effects. It may take time but it's not impossible to set things right again with mother earth and create a better world for our future generation. Okay, now that almost sounded like a UNICEF commercial.

Anyway, climate change isn't really the main subject of my documentary, I just thought to mention it since it's partly connected to natural disasters. I had the opportunity to talk about taking care of the earth so I took it.  But this is actually about preparation and acquiring the right knowledge to survive earthquakes, floods, or typhoons. It may seem like a broken record when we're constantly reminded to prepare for the worst, but if you really think about it, preparation can save hundreds of lives and prevent further disasters. Knowing what to do when the unexpected happens or what to do after it happens is vital in keeping damages to a minimum. This doesn't need expertise or a PHD, it just requires enough dedication and willingness to live and save the life of others.

So I hope this documentary doesn't just entertain you or help with your history class, but make you realize that calamities are not suppose to make you helpless. It's a destructive phenomenon that could take lives and destroy everything you love, but it's something that you could do something about. Preparation is key.
Thank you! Thank you! Hahaha! ^o^

It's not exactly NatGeo or Discovery channel material, but I hope you like it. ^^

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This is a very, very old video I created when I was fresh out of college in 2010 and like my other video editorial projects, were done during the dreary days of my unemployment. [SHIVER!] Those were really dark times... Brushing with poverty and the possibility of ending up homeless is not a very good experience.
Anyway, it's an AVP I made for a children's church activity and the theme was to present the beautiful culture and traditions of an Asian country. So my ward got China and at first I wasn't that enthusiastic about it. I felt it was an overrated country and I'd rather go for something less featured in media like Bhutan, Laos, or Sri Lanka. But I was proven wrong during the whole process of writing the script, editing videos and pics, and adding the background music. I had so much fun. -^.^- With a fresh grad knowledge of video editing and low-tech editing program to boot, it didn't turn out as perfect as one would expect from a NatGeo documentary, but it's entertaining and educational enough to be worth watching.

Please keep in mind that this was done in 2010 and some of the figures and information might no longer be accurate.

By the way, I've been to Hong Kong last year and seeing the Pandas in person was the highlight of my whole trip. They're the cutest giant bundles of fur in the whole world. Panda is love. Panda is life!!! 


Disclaimer: Some of the images/gif are not mine and can be searched online

Hotel Valhalla, Guide to the Norse Worlds

After Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and Kane Chornicles... Rick Riordan once again ventured into the world of mythology in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. XD

Since 2015, Uncle Rick has released two books of the trilogy: The Sword of Summer and The Hammer of Thor. The third one will be released on October called The Ship of the Dead. Squee! Excited much. So while waiting I opted to read a companion book of the franchise that provides a very entertaining insight on Norse Mythology; it's gods, goddesses, mythical beings, and creatures. Unlike Percy Jackson's Greek Gods and Goddesses and Heroes, this guide is not written exclusively in the voice of the main character Magnus Chase, instead it's interchangeably narrated by Helgi the Hotel Valhalla Manager, Snorri Sturluson, and other mentionables.

Uncle Rick didn't just write this book with the usual who, what, when, and where. He also put in interview transcripts, encounters, letters, invites, and a whole bunch of other stuff that provide a very stimulating description of Norse Mythology. There was not a dull moment for me reading through this and I was giggling at almost every turn of the page. True to his craft, Uncle Rick made this boring and lengthy mythology into something exciting, current, and whimsical without losing its educational value. I don't think I've ever learned this much about gods and goddesses even when I was in high school. Damn! I probably would've done better in school if Uncle Rick was my teacher. You know what? He should probably have his own school, like a Camp Half Blood but a mash-up of all the mythologies. It'll have magic lessons, one-on-one combat with respawn, capture-the-flag, occasional field trip slash quests, and best of all... Cafeteria with bottomless soda and endless pork roast [DROOL!]. Oh my gosh! Somebody please make this happen!!! O_O 


4 Stars
Not reading this will not have any dire consequences to your understanding of the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, but you'll definitely miss out on all the Norse fun. It's not that long, very light, and so well-written. You could totally read this in just one sitting. Unless of course you're me. -_- 

By the way, when you get to the part about Frey (Magnus' dad) you'll realize how crazy genius Uncle Rick truly is. It's probably my favorite part; the god of spring and summer doing a rap battle with his sword Sumarbrander. Yah, you heard me right. A god and sword duking it out with rap. Like I said, GENIUS!

So that ends my review and I leave this cool Magnus Chase fanart by Bruna Gonda for everyone to enjoy.

Disclaimer: Some of the images are not mine and can be searched online

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