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I was supposed to do this amigurumi project in December as a Christmas gift to a friend, but he abruptly had to go away so I decided to make this as a last minute parting gift instead. Awww... (T.T) 

Anyway, I came to find out he's a Miku Hatsune nut. So obviously, I had to make him his own amigurumi version of the blue-haired Vocaloid. Well, I'm not exactly sure what's his stand on receiving dolls as gifts, so I opted to make Miku in teeny-tiny size. I guess that seemed manlier. Hahaha! ^^

For the base I used  Silvia Usón's chibi pattern. I believe I used this for the Japanese version of Tinkerbell last year. Remember? My gift to my second eldest brother? I thought that really turned out cute. ^^

(Click Here)

Since I needed to make a tinier version, of course I had to use a smaller hook, which was quite the challenge for me. Well, other than I'm used to big hooks, my hands are pretty large. Well, not exactly man-hands but I guess unusually big for Filipina standards. Actually, with a height of 5'4.5'', I'm practically considered a giant here. Yeesh! O_o

Monaco Yarn Shade #46 - Ocean (1-2 skeins)
Monaco Yarn Shade #10 - Chiffon (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #242 - Mint (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #247 - Cloud (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #34 - Raspberry (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #100 - Raven (1 skein)
Crochet Hook - C2 (2.75 mm)
Black beads #08
Pink blush
Fiberfill stuffing
*hdcinc = 2hdc in 1st

Rnd 1: 6sc in mr (6)
Rnd 2: inc around (12)
Rnd 3: 1sc-inc (18)
Rnd 4: 2sc-inc (24)
Rnd 5-8: sc around (24)
Rnd 9: 8sc, 2inc, 4sc, 2inc, 8sc (28)
Rnd 10: 8sc, 4inc, 4sc, 4inc, 8sc (36)
Rnd 11: 8sc, 4dec, 4sc, 4dec, 8sc (28)
Rnd 12: 2sc-dec (21)
Rnd 13: 1sc-dec (14)
Rnd 14: [1sc-dec] 4x, dec (9)
Rnd 15: 4sc, dec, 3sc (8) 
FO, leave tail for sewing
*Stitch to BLO of the body
*Attach black beads for eyes
*Put a little blush on the cheeks

LEGS (2x)
Rnd 1: 4sc in mr (4)
Rnd 2: 3sc, inc (5)
Rnd 3: 4sc, inc (6)
Rnd 4: 5sc, inc (7)
Rnd 5: 6sc, inc (8)
Rnd 6: 7sc, inc (9)
Rnd 7: BLO, 8sc, inc (10)
FO, weave in ends

*After completing the two legs, sl them together
*Continue rounds to the body

Rnd 8: sc around (18)
Rnd 9: 7sc-dec (16)
Rnd 10: BLO, sc around (16)
Rnd 11: BLO, 6sc-dec (14)
Rnd 12-13: sc around (14)
Rnd 14: 5sc-dec (12)
Rnd 15: sc around (12)
Rnd 16: 1sc-dec (8)   
FO, weave in ends

*Connect yarn and continue on FLO of Rnd 11 of the body 
*6sc, [1sc, 2ch, sl on 2nd ch from hook], sl on next st, [1sl, 2ch, sc on 2nd ch from hook], 7sc (16)
FO, weave in ends
*If you get that on the first try, I'm impressed! Even I'm having a hard time figuring that out. Hahaha! ^^ Anyway, I made a diagram to make it easier.
*So starting from the 1st st at the back, work your way around until the last st
*The count may not be 100% reliable, but just make sure it's centered
*Connect yarn and continue on FLO of Rnd 16 of the body 
*2sc, [1sc, 2ch, sl on 2nd ch from hook], sl on next st, [1sl, 2ch, sc on 2nd ch from hook], 3sc (8)
FO, weave in ends
*Like the shirt tail pattern, the same goes with the collar. The only difference is there'll be fewer stitches
* Using Mint, embroider a tiny neck tie on the body just below the collar

*Connect yarn and continue on FLO of Rnd 10 of the body 
Rnd 1: hdcinc around (32)
Rnd 2: 1sc-inc (48)
FO, weave in ends

ARMS (2x)
Rnd 1: 4sc in mr (4)
Rnd 2: 3sc, inc (5)
Rnd 3: 4sc, inc (6)
Rnd 4: 5sc, inc (7)
Rnd 5-6: sc around (7)
Rnd 7: BLO, 3dec, 1sc (4)
FO, leave tail for sewing

*Continue on FLO of Rnd 7 of the arm 
Rnd 1: sc around (7)
Rnd 2: FLO, [1sc-inc] 3x, 1sc (10)
Rnd 3-4: sc around (10)
Rnd 5: 4sc-inc (12)
Rnd 6: sc around (12) 
Rnd 7: sc around (12)
FO, weave in ends

*For the hair, I used the same method I used with Peter Pan: Amigurumi Hair Tutorial
*After the hair strands are attached, style it in pigtail hairdo and tie it all up with a string of Raspberry
*With Ocean and needle, stitch the bare areas where the scalp is showing in the center of the head.
*Try to do the stitching as systematically and neatly as possible.
FO, weave in ends

Bonus pattern! Well, Miku wouldn't be complete without her leek, right?  So... Yah. ^^

Monaco Yarn Shade #1 - Snow (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #52 - Pickle (1 skein)
Crochet Hook - C2 (2.75 mm)
Fiberfill stuffing

Rnd 1: sc on 2nd ch, sc around (12)
Rnd 2-7: sc around (12)
Rnd 8: sc around (12)
Rnd 9: 4sc-dec (10)
FO, leave tail for sewing

*After completing the two leaves, sl them together
*Continue rounds to the stem

Rnd 10: sc around (18)
Rnd 11: 7sc-dec (16)
Rnd 12-18: sc around (16)
Rnd 19: 2sc-dec (12)
Rnd 20: dec around (6)
FO, weave in ends
Done in two weeks. Nice! Not my quickest but still not bad. ^^
Sigh! Happy as I am that I've accomplished yet another adorable amigurumi, I still get a bit sad every time I remember why I had to make this one. Well, that's life... People come and go. -_- I just hope that he likes this new tiny friend... And her pet leek. Hahaha! ^^

Copyright: Miku-Miku (
Adapted from Silvia Usón's Chibi pattern) and the Leek are original patterns written by Duchess Gala. You may do whatever you want with the finished product but please do not sell or claim the pattern as your own. Also, do not post the pattern directly to your website. Just link it to this blog. ^^ 

Disclaimer: Some of the images are not mine and can be searched online


  1. MERCI beaucoup pour ce magnifique Tuto, et je vous souhaite de la Joie et du Bonheur. Joce



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