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Tyson Cake

Once in a while, when I lack artistic inspiration and yarn inventory wouldn't cut it,  I'd browse over DeviantArt to kick-start my creativity and imagination. Well, what better way to be inspired than to check out other artists' work? It's really effective and has never failed me yet. ^^ In a manner of speaking, it's like the oracle for artists seeking guidance for a new art project. Oh hail great oracle of... Of... Pencils and crayons? Pfft- Hahaha! ^o^ That's priceless! But seriously, it's really the most awesome site you can go to whenever you have writer's block or creative static syndrome (The buzz buzz inside the head when empty of creative ideas). Ooh... O.O

Anyway, I've been having one of those buzz buzz days when I came across this cutie-patootie plushie design by chasethebunny. She called it the Rainbow Birthday Cake Unicorn Monster! To be honest, that's the most appropriate name I could think of. Nothing's better than a combination of monster, unicorn, and cake... Am I right? Mmm... Cake. -^.^-

So that was it, creative static syndrome went "Poof!" and an idea was born... I decided to make an amigurumi version of the plushie and name it Tyson Cake. Woo-hoo! Of course, I asked the artist first if that was okay and the good news is she said yes. But the bad news is... Yah, I can't post the pattern. Sorry guys. T.T Apparently, she's selling the plushie and if I put out the pattern then it would ruin its chances of being sold. Well, if you really like this plushie you can go to her websites to ask about it. She has a nice collection of unicorn cake monsters to choose from.

Yah, I'm still fan-girling the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series so I named it after the main character's brother, Tyson. Actually he's a cyclopes but not like the vicious ones you read from Sinbad stories and Greek myths. He's really adorable, cuddly, and one of the most awesome slash lovable characters in the franchise. So yah, the name really fits. More love for Tyson! Hehehe!

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