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Harley Lestrade

Really a big fan of BBC's Sherlock and I can't wait for season 4... More than a year to go... It's freakin' killing me!!! o_O It's true that you can't rush genius and I'm sure Mark Gatiss is really taking his time to make the next episodes of Sherlock epic... But c'mon!!! O_O

Sigh! Fine! To wait it is. But for the meantime... Fanfic lightbulb on! ^^

After watching season two's episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia, my instant reaction was "Yup! Don't like Irene Adler." Well, first I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the actress who played the character. Not that I have personal issues with her, it's just that I'd rather have Rachel Mcadams. I don't know... She seems a tad old for Benedict Cumberbatch. o_O Then there's the issue of me not liking the character of Irene Adler per se. Like Prince Nuada, I thought Sherlock deserves a more umm... Suitable love interest. One that will not constantly attempt to kill or sacrifice him to the devil, A.K.A Moriarty.

So I have this idea about a girl named Harley Lestrade and as the name suggests, is related to the detective inspector Greg Lestrade. She also works in Scotland Yard but in the forensics department with the annoying Anderson as her superior. From time to time she'd work in the field but mostly she'd do lab work.

Simple enough right? Now here's the twist... Harley Lestrade is not actually blood- related to the inspector, she's rather adapted by the inspector's father. She has  a very dark past and I'll get on to the details later... Or one of these days. Really a lazy writer, So sorry. *v* But for now I can tell you that she's no ordinary girl... She's a trained assassin and by night works for the government as their own personal vigilante named Black Panther. She's like London's clean-up person... Sweeping off crime and breaking down mafias or something. The story's not yet concrete but the main plot here is how she meets Sherlock and how a romantic relationship forms between them.

I'll make sure that the story will come together but for now I have these sketches...

Disclaimer: Some of the images are not mine and can be searched online


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