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A long, long time ago... Okay, maybe not that long since that was just barely like 5 years ago... I made a tribute video for one of my fave Final Fantasy VII character of all time, Sephiroth.
Usually girls get all giddy with Cloud Strife; blue eyes, blonde anime hair... Who wouldn't go crazy over that cutie? Apparently, not me... I went for the sexy villain with the badass long, silver locks. Woo-hoo! -^.^-

Looking back, I may have developed a pattern for admiring characters... But I'm a little confused which is more accurate. Hmm...
Anyway, being unemployed (Just graduated and looking for work... It was hell!) I had a lot of time in my hands so I made a short video clip as tribute to Sephiroth

I got the clips from my little brother's movie collection of Advent Children and Crisis Core. He used to be some kind of Final Fantasy VII nut. Me? Well, I wasn't exactly a fan and never played the game, but I did like the movies... Or rather just Sephiroth. Yup! Definitely just Sephiroth

I used the song "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo. At that time, the horror-action movie directed by the Spierig brothers, "Daybreakers", was just being released and that song was used in its trailers. It really has a shadowy, dark aura going on so I thought it was perfect for Sephiroth's villainous yet sexy persona. I just had to say sexy. Hahaha! ^^ 

Disclaimer: the song "Running Up That Hill" performed by Placebo doesn't belong to Duchess Gala but to Universal Music Group

Disclaimer: Some of the photos I used are not mine and can be searched online


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