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The Sea God and The Sky Goddess

When I was in college, our professor asked our class to make a story board based on themes he randomly assigned. So for me, I was given "love story". 

Being a naive girl at that time with la-di-da ideas of true love and love conquers all nonsense (Oh Sherlock, what have you done to me?), I decided to make a love story about a sky goddess and a sea god.

The story was simple: boy meets girl; boy tries to impress girl; embarrassing moment; closure; xoxo; the end. Now that seems like the shortest screen play ever... Should I get a Guinness World Record for it? Hahaha! ^^

So like my Sephiroth tribute, I made this story board into a short film while I was jobless. Not that it helped me look for work but it did keep me sane through those months. Oh! Such dark times... 

Anyway, the visuals are not that good since at that time I just started working on my gestures (Not that I'm actually any better now. O_o). But at least the story-telling does have some redeeming factors... I hope. O_O Damn! I need to remake this. Hahaha!

The Story and Characters of "The Sea God and The Sky Goddess" animated short film are intellectual properties of Duchess Gala.

Please do not use for personal or business purposes.  


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