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Something New for 2014

So 2013 said goodbye and wow, what a busy year it has been. As in so busy that my last post was on June. Yah I know... Yikes! Sorry, my bad. But hey, a new year means making resolutions and starting afresh. Obviously, it means that I shouldn't miss posting and leave my blog outdated for months on end. Poor blog, if it were a house I'd be removing cobwebs. Tsk tsk tsk v_v

Anyway, what better way to start the year than with something new... For starters, I've designed my own logo. Pretty snazzy right?
So I made the font myself, I invented it when I was in highschool. My thing for the Victorian-ish style really started early. Hehehe Initially, I was going for GB, which are the initials of my fictional character, but opted for DG (Duchess Gala) instead since it's not as common as the former. Plus, the letters fitted better. Don't you agree? ^^

What use do I have for a logo? Well, I want to use it as a tag for whenever I give out my amigurumis.  It has my websites on the back so people could see it and check out my free patterns. It's like my simple way of giving back to the crochet community. Two years ago I couldn't even do a single stitch besides chains and if it weren't for those kind people who gave away free patterns I wouldn't have learned all those techniques and be the crocheter I am now. Of course, I still have a lot to learn but compared to where I was before... Man, I sure came a long way. ^^
So yah, to be clear I really don't sell and profit from my amigurumis but sometimes I do accept special requests with payment. But that rarely happens since I hate charging people, especially when I consider myself still in the intermediate level and there are others who are more skilled and capable. ^^ 

Oh one more thing, to make it really unique, instead of using a simple yarn to tie my tag around the amigurumi I decided to make a cord using the friendship bracelet pattern my mom taught me. She found it on the internet so we're not gonna take credit for that. Hehehe ^^ It's twice the work but I thought it'd make it more personal and meaningful since I mostly give my amigurumis to those that really matter to me.

Then next on something new for 2014 was having my facebook page updated with a new cover photo. This time though the font wasn't completely mine... I had a little help from the Minstral font to spell the rest of the letters. Photoshopping each one meant a head-splitting migraine for my little brother so I had to improvise. See! I'm such a kind and considerate sister. ^^ It turned out pretty fine anyway so I didn't mind not completely sticking to my font. I ain't even mad. Hehehe
This was a great way to start the year and I'm happy my little brother helped me out with the logo and cover photo. I coudn't have done it without him. A really big thanks to his photoshopping skills. ^^

May we all have a great year ahead! Cheers!!! ^^ 

The Logo and Facebook Cover Page are intellectual properties of Duchess Gala. 

Please do not use for personal or business purposes.  


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