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Green with Envy

Always been a fan of Full Metal Alchemist (FMA). But when my brother introduced me to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood... I just lost my mind. Hahaha! I went doubly crazy for Roy Mustang. Yes, the scene where he killed Lust was the most epic scene ever. I really loved the abs- I mean the fight scene. I said fight scene. *v* 

But other than Roy Mustang, I fell in love with another character... Not just because he's hot- I mean brave. Damn it! I meant brave! Yoinks *v* Okay, it's Envy. 

Well, his monster form did creep me out a bit but his weak form made me "D'awwww!". He looked like an adorable tiny, green lizard with eight legs, small horns, and big, big eyes. I just can't get enough of the cuteness. The feels... Hehehe!    

After finishing all 60 plus episodes of FMA Brotherhood, I decided to make an Envy amigurumi. He's just too cute not to make one!

So this time I wrote my own pattern without any reference. I just spontaneously jotted down the rounds and stuff. Well, no one has exactly done any amigurumi of his tiny weird form so you can't really find a pattern on the internet... There's this one amigurumi though but I didn't like how it looked. So if I can't get one, I make one!!! ^^

Monaco Yarn Shade #52 - Pickle (4-5 skeins)
Monaco Yarn Shade #21 - Rose (1 skein)
Monaco Yarn Shade #1 - Snow (1 skein)
Crochet Hook - G6 (4 mm)
Crochet Hook - D3 (3.25 mm)
White felt
Black beads #08
Fiberfill stuffing

Rnd 1: 5sc in mr (5)
Rnd 2: inc around (10)
Rnd 3: 1sc-inc (15)
Rnd 4: 2sc-inc (20)
Rnd 5: 3sc-inc (25)
Rnd 6: sc around (25)
Rnd 7: 4sc-inc (30)
Rnd 8-13: sc around (30)
Rnd 14: 4sc-dec (25)
Rnd 15-17: sc around (25)
Rnd 18: 3sc-dec (20)
Rnd 19-20: sc around (20)
Rnd 21: 2sc-dec (15)
Rnd 22-24: sc around (15)
Rnd 25: 1sc-dec (10)
Rnd 26-28: sc around (10)
Rnd 29: dec around (5)
Rnd 30: 2dec, 1sl (3)
FO, weave in ends

ARMS (8x)
Rnd 1: 5sc in mr (5)
Rnd 2: [1sc-inc] 2x, 1sc (7)
Rnd 3-5: sc around (7)
FO, leave tail for sewing

Rnd 1: 6sc in mr (6)
Rnd 2: inc around (12)
Rnd 3: 1sc-inc (18)
Rnd 4: sc around (18)
FO, leave tail for sewing

Row 1: inc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1-turn (2)
Row 2: sc around, ch1-turn (2)
Row 3: 2inc, ch1-turn (4)
Row 4: sc around, ch1-turn (4)
Row 5: inc, 2sc, inc, ch1-turn (6)
Row 6-7: sc around, ch1-turn (6)
Row 8: inc, 4sc, inc, ch1-turn (8)
Row 9: sc around ch1-turn (8)
Row 10: dec, 4sc, dec, ch1-turn (6)
Row 11: dec, 2sc, dec, ch1-turn (4)
Row 12: 2dec, ch1-turn (2)
Row 10: 1dec
*Sl around edges  with  D3 hook
FO, leave tail for sewing
I loved how he turned out, the similarity is almost uncanny. I can't believe I did it! Woo-hoo! ^^ Hahaha! Oh yah... Except the tail. Well, I didn't wanna make it too long and thought he'd be cuter with a shorter tail... He definitely is!!! D'awwww! Yup! There I go again... Hahaha! 

Copyright: Envy is an original pattern written by Duchess Gala. You may do whatever you want with the finished product but please do not sell or claim the pattern as your own. Also, do not post the pattern directly to your website. Just link it to this blog. ^^

Disclaimer: Some of the images are not mine and can be searched online


  1. OMG that's way too cute xD good job!

  2. Huh, not sure where my comment went...Anyway, FMA: Brotherhood is my favorite TV show of all time, and this is totally my next project! Thanks for sharing this pattern!

  3. Oh, and do you have any guidelines for assembly?

    1. You're very welcome. ^^

      The assembly? Hmmm... I'm not really good at putting those bits to detail. I just made sure that it falls into place like the way I drew it, or that everything is centered. Sorry, I couldn't be much help. Just give me a buzz if you have any difficulties with the pattern. ^^

    2. Are you on Facebook? If so, you should join Vic Mignogna's (the English voice actor for FMA) fanclub, the Risembool Rangers. Here's the link: I hope to see you there!



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